Employee Withholding for Multiple Jobs

If you have multiple jobs, a separate withholding form must be filled out for each employer. But, neither of those forms takes into account what is withheld from the other employer. Once your taxes are calculated, you might find that you owe a substantial amount in income tax for the year as a result.

We recommend changing your withholding on a new W-4 Form with your employer.

 **Two important things to remember when looking at your W-4:

  • Claim all the allowances you normally would on the W-4 form for the job that pays you the most.
  • Claim Zero on all W-4s for other employers.
  • Single instead of Married will withholding the most tax.

 Claiming more allowances results in less being withheld from your paycheck for that employer, claiming zero would result in the maximum being withheld from your paycheck for that employer.

Therefore, since you are claiming zero for every employer except the place where you earn the most, you should minimize any potential tax burden from under withholding.

December 10, 2019 2:50 pm

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